Why Register for the Cadillac & Back Century Ride?

As an avid biker, one of the things that I've always found incredible about the sport is the ability to register for races in unique locations, allowing my and my family to experience the beautiful geography in North America!  This race is special in that way, we leave the beautiful town of Bangor with all it's history and charm and ride an extremely challenging yet beautiful route to the coast....

And then comes the CLIMB up Cadillac Mountain right at the heart of Acadia National Park, one of the most attended national parks in North America.  During this grueling climb you are given hints of what the view will look like at the summit but nothing is quite like doing a 360 degree look around once you reach the top! The climb of approximately 1500' after some challenging hilly terrain to arrive is more difficult than it would seem but the view makes it all worth it... (Kind of).

Now comes the fun part of bombing down this amazing hill and making our way back to downtown Bangor Maine to celebrate the accomplishment and enjoy the hospitality that this region is known for.

This one of a kind race is not for the faint of heart but for those who want to be part of a special and rare group who have conquered this route we welcome you!!!

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Next Steps...

Click on the link to the right and register NOW....  What are you waiting for????